"Ancerix's 90-Day Power Start Program provides effective and affordable care for dogs and cats with cancer and inflammation. The company's products are a compounded solution of ten extracts. The ingredients are selected based on their ability to stimulate the animal's immune systems, while reducing inflammation and providing anti-cancer properties. As part of the plan, Ancerix provides customer support, information and references to help owners make the best decisions to provide compassionate care for their pet."


We encourage all our customers to consult a veterinarian if they suspect any problems with their pet. There is no substitute for an educated, trained, licensed and experienced professional to examine your pet and provide an accurate diagnosis. They are the experts in animal health.


Nutraceuticals have been used for centuries and their effects are documented by experts, educational institutes and the government. These remedies continue to be used around the world, especially in areas that do not have health insurance and access to prescription drugs.


When pets are diagnosed with a serious diseases such as cancer or arthritis, it can take an emotional toll on the owner. The diagnosis invokes tremendous feelings of helplessness, sadness, concern, anger and helplessness. It can be a very traumatic and difficult period in a person's life.


Pets are not covered by any type of insurance so the entire cost of diagnosis and treatment must be paid for upfront. Not being able to afford these expenses is not a reflection on your commitment or love to your pet. It is a situation that millions of people face each year.


Pets provide us with physical and emotional benefits. Walking a dog promotes exercise and social interaction. Pets provide companionship for people who do not have social interaction with other people. Pet therapy achieves physical, social, cognitive and emotional goals.


The industry is constantly evolving and these advancements are important for our customers. The Library on this site is a growing repository for information about pet diseases and the natural methods to combat their development.

"The diagnosis of cancer for a family pet is devastating. It invokes a plethora of emotions including sadness, frustration, anger and helplessness. I hope the information on our website will help you address these issues and also create an action plan for treating your pet. Following a cancer diagnosis, the quality of life and comfort of the pet is the most important consideration."

Cancer is a complex and multi-factorial disease. It is devastating when you receive this diagnosis for a family dog or cat. Everyone at Ancerix empathizes with owners caring for pets with cancer.
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We suggest that you talk to your veterinarian about all the possible treatment plans. Just as in humans, there are a lot of factors and personal decisions that you must consider. The pet's age, severity of the cancer, overall health of the animal, type and location of the cancer all play significantly into your decision. Likewise, the owner's ability to care for the animal and the personal finances available for cancer treatment must be considered.

Our goal is to provide you with a treatment plan based on historical research and experience. Natural remedies have been around for centuries and in some parts of the world they are still used exclusively to treat ailments. We have selected, in our opinion, the best combination of these ingredients and included them in a treatment plan.

The actual solution is just one of the components to the treatment plan. This website has a tremendous about of information about cancer in dogs and cats. There are many links to other sites that discuss the merits of using natural products. The National Institutes of Health (NIH) has articles concerning this subject, along with medial reviews and clinical trials. We encourage you to thoroughly education yourself on the disease to better care for your pet.

The information contained on this site are intended solely for informational purposes and not for the purpose of rendering medical or veterinary advice. Any information obtained from this site must not be used in the diagnosis or treatment of an animal without the express review by a certified veterinarian. Ancerix assumes no liability or responsibility for any injury or illness that may result from the use of information located on this site.

Ancerix will focus on making the best possible products and provide information to support owner's decisions for treatment plans.

Ancerix promotes pet wellness products that empower you to develop a plan for treatment. The Power Start Program is our most popular product.